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ShriVallabh Pittie Dharamshala
Dharamshala in Nagaur that offers complete living, conference, wedding and dining facilities for the underprivileged and middle class.

ShriVallabh Pittie Hospital
Nagaur’s main hospital built by our founder, Seth ShriVallabh Pittie and handed over to the state government for management.

Hanuman Mandir
A mandir in Nagaur in devotion of Lord Hanuman.

Sheetala Mata Mandir
A mandir in Nagaur in devotion of Sheetala Mata.

Gochar Bhoomi (Nagaur)
5,000 bighas of land in Nagaur allocated specifically as grazing pastures for old and sick cows.

Village Water Hut at Kharnal
A water hut in Kharnal that provides constant, clean and pure drinking water to the residents of the village that faces acute water shortage every year.

Government college at Nagaur
A government college at Nagaur was conceived, propagated and built with major contributions from the group.

Public Park at Nagaur & Ayurvedic Hospital at Nagaur.

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